The Concept (About our Brand)

The concept of Slob 2 Snob came about while skiing in Vermont last year. Although we are frequent visitors, on this particular trip we started to notice how the ski world is unique because it appeals to both extreme snobs and extreme slobs. Simply put, many skiers are very put together and up to date on their ski and après ski fashion (snobs) while others appear to have thrown on anything they could find on their way to the mountain (slobs). While enjoying a pint at our favorite après spot in town we were struck with amazement at how such an extreme spectrum of people could all be enjoying the same place.

After our trip, when going out to local bars and restaurants we started to catch ourselves categorizing places and we realized the concept could apply anywhere!

And ‘slob’ and ‘snob’ are meant in the most complimentative way - most people are not one or the other, but fall somewhere on the spectrum and even change depending on the mood or occasion. If we’re going out to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, somewhere ‘snob’ might be more appealing. But on a Friday night after a long week we might prefer somewhere more casual and ‘slob.’ The possibilities are endless!